Curatio Capital Group Switzerland

Commercially viable business opportunities, solid proposals, and strong potential clients are identified and recognized on a selective basis. Each request is carefully assessed (diagnostics / evaluation) and goes through a comprehensive Assessment Process in accordance with prudent financial practices.

All important aspects (technical, market, marketing, financial, legal, etc.) are closely evaluated. A situation adapted approach and concise examination is imperative in order to provide quality recommendations for consideration to the potential investors, funds, and trusts.

In some instances, we act as the Appointed Fiduciary of an investor during the pre due diligence and application process, and follow a strict code of conduct in order to meet all legal and ethical obligations within the scope of its responsibilities as set forth by the investor. It is the responsibility of CCG to work, during the evaluation -and application process, in the best interest of the investor and the client while at the same time to be in full compliance to the terms and conditions as set forth by the investor for the evaluation and application process only.

What we do

We help our clients solve complex business problems and we enhance their ability to build value, manage risks and improve performance.

Our ultimate goal is to advance the project funding proposal to the bankable feasibility stage, which means that it will be financeable in accordance with the constantly changing parameters of our Group and our Associates.

We combine services and strategically minimize risk to offer truly individualized solutions while synthesizing industry knowledge, product proficiency and geographic expertise.

Sector and Locations

We concentrate on projects (concession, privatization, expansion, joint-venture, technology transfer, restructuring, rehabilitation, etc.) located all over the world and in diverse industries:

Preferred sectors and industries are:

*  Alternative & Renewable Energy
*  Oil and Gas
*  Real Estate & Construction
*  Infrastructure
*  Minerals & Mining
*  Hospitality, Resorts, Casinos & Marinas etc
*  Agriculture and related industries
*  Environment
*  Financial Institutions
*  Technical Innovations

Preferred locations:

We are able to provide services for projects in any country and location as long as those countries and locations are not on the UN sanctions list and are in a war free zone.

What to expect

When working with our Group you can expect our commitment to providing you with the best and the most creative solutions in business financing. 

In most cases, you get a quick yes or no answer. Thus, you can ensure that our decisions are based on the facts presented by you.

We provide prompt assistance and availability at all times for our clients worldwide so you always know where you stand.

Free consultations! We can help you determine if your deal or project is viable and if so assist you in preparation prior to submission. By doing so, we can minimize the risks involved with up front capital.

Finance optimization. We will help you to structure the application for maximum approval. Often, properly restructuring a deal can gain approval for a previously denied proposal, or achieve greater financing and/or more favorable terms.

Direct approach. We will be clear and concise with you to minimize red tape and inefficiency. We will provide you with clear requirements and terms. Thus, you can ensure that your decisions are based on fact.

We ask 2 simple things from you: 

Honesty; the lack of information provided from you will lead to eventual issues and can slow and/or jeopardize an investment. By giving us a full understanding with complete trust and disclosure of your circumstances, we can create the best financial structure to best ensure your success.

Timeliness. Help us help you by providing required documents in a timely fashion. We never ask for documentation that is irrelevant. The faster you provide documents, the faster we can get you funded.

Together, we can make the financing process smooth and efficient.




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